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02. Jan 2007

Swades: Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi


Skal opleves! Musik af A.R. Rahman - tidligere omtale af SWADES her, se også f.eks. her.


LillePigen skrev:
07/01/2007 06:14:34

that's lovely (and never-ending, as these things have a habit of being) and also boring boring because all the salty texture of person-to-person conflict has been blanded into oblivion What have all those pale Danes in grey clothes in grey weather who live all around you done that they cannot touch, let alone reach, your elitist notion of 'beauty'? you would not allow them to even touch, would you? I know you because you love me. I know you, and I know that for as long as you cannot see beauty in wanting to leave, as long as you can see commmitment only as the dead-wood-drift of non-questioning, you will lose sight of your children og you will lose me could you, can you, do you, love all those people around you who have not got a clue? And how is it that you think you have the beauty? the beauty that speaks...? what gives you the right to be so right?

Carsten Agger skrev:
07/01/2007 14:38:43

Tak for kommentaren!

I don't feel superior to the "pale Danes in grey clothes" and I don't think my notions of beauty are elitist, but I do think a majority of Danes know too little of the beauty to be found in (some) Indian film and music, and would like to share it with them.

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