Mere Georgien

Gary Brecher har et tankevækkende lille stykke om krigen i Georgien/Grusien på Exiled Online:

Hard people on every side in that part of the world. No quarter asked or given. No good guys. Especially not the Georgians. They have a rep as good people, one-on-one, but you don’t want to mess with them and you especially don’t want to try to take land from them.

The Georgians bided their time, then went on the offensive, Caucasian style, by pretending to make peace and all the time planning a sneak attack on South Ossetia. They just signed a treaty granting autonomy to South Ossetia this week, and then they attacked, Corleone style. Georgian MLRS units barraged Tskhinvali, the capital city of South Ossetia; Georgian troops swarmed over Ossetian roadblocks; and all in all, it was a great, whiz-bang start, but like Petraeus asked about Iraq way back in 2003, what’s the ending to this story? As in: how do you invade territory that the Russians have staked out for protection without thinking about how they’ll react?

Exiled Online er russisk-baseret og gør sædvanligvis en del ud af at forklare, hvorfor Rusland ikke nødvendigvis er så slem, som koldkrigere ynder at gøre det, blandet med betydelige mængder af sarkasme og kynisme. Deres syn på konflikten i Kaukasus kan ikke undgå at være interessant.


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