Næstved Kommune og Amy-sagen

Adventures and Japes siger det, der skal siges:

The borough council decided to put her in a group home. [Børne- og kulturdirektør i Næstved Kommune]  Per B Christensen said the following:-

“Her problems are too much for a foster family to handle.

She needs to be placed with professionals who can distance themselves emotionally.”

Bear in mind, psychologists are saying that’s exactly what she doesn’t need in their professional opinion. (Because it is emotional neglect and it will scar her beyond repair.)

That Per B Christensen can say of an 11 year old child who has been traumatised by rejection and physical abuse that what she really needs is to be brought up by strangers who will never love her shows how inhuman Per B Christensen is. How dare Per B Christensen? How DARE he dress up saving money as meeting a vulnerable child’s needs? What sort of man is Per B Christensen? I don’t know if Per B Christensen has children or nieces/nephews but I sincerely doubt that if any of them were traumatised before their teens that he would recommend that they be institutionalised because their needs were too great.

The borough council have also banned Amy from seeing her sister and the foster parents she was thriving with. This is sheer vindictiveness.

Du kan følge Politikens dækning af sagen her.

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