‘The alternatives could not be more black and white’

Thomas Friedman skriver i New York Times om McCains forvandling fra “grøn” kandidat til “klimaskeptiker” og lakaj for olieindustrien:

Given the fact that Senator McCain deliberately avoided voting on all eight attempts to pass a bill extending the vital tax credits and production subsidies to expand our wind and solar industries, and given his support for lowering the gasoline tax in a reckless giveaway that would only promote more gasoline consumption and intensify our addiction to oil, and given his desire to make more oil-drilling, not innovation around renewable energy, the centerpiece of his energy policy — in an effort to mislead voters that support for drilling today would translate into lower prices at the pump today — McCain has forfeited any claim to be a green candidate.

So please, students, when McCain comes to your campus and flashes a few posters of wind turbines and solar panels, ask him why he has been AWOL when it came to Congress supporting these new technologies.

“Back in June, the Republican Party had a round-up,” said Carl Pope, the executive director of the Sierra Club. “One of the unbranded cattle — a wizened old maverick name John McCain — finally got roped. Then they branded him with a big ‘Lazy O’ — George Bush’s brand, where the O stands for oil. No more maverick.”

Han har nu slået sidste søm i kisten ved at vælge en vicepræsidentkandidat, der vil bore efter olie i Alaskas fredede nationalpark Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Hvis McCain  står og mangler et godt slogan til valgkampen, har jeg en idé. Hvad med FOUR MORE YEARS?