Chinese Democracy

Jeg er egentlig ikke den store fan af Guns n’Roses, men kunne ikke helt stå for den efter Programmer Buydatis introduktion til det nye album ovre på KabobFEST:

Ten years in the making and Axel Rose, along with the new line-up of Guns N’ Roses, officially release Chinese Democracy. Say what you will about Axel and the boys, but they are without a doubt one of the greatest American rock groups of the 1980’s — if not all time.

Best of all — and the reason why I’m posting this on KABOBfest — is the fact that G n’ R dedicated the release of their new album and title track to “those fighting oppression” and even teamed with B’Tselem and UNRWA to produce a video that shows the carnage of daily life in Palestine.

For a man who’s invested 10 years of his life into creating this album and staked his entire musical legacy on the level of success it achieves, THAT TAKES BALLS.

Thank you Axel Rose for kicking ass both on and off stage.

Bemærk, at jeg synes bedre om sangen og videoen “Madagascar” for enden af linket herunder end om titelsangen, som jeg har indsat herover, men den video er åbenbart ikke på YouTube endnu. Så klik!