Ny israelsk krigsforbrydelse – Gaza brænder, 155 palæstinensere dræbt

Al-Jazeera skriver:

Israel has launched air strikes on Hamas installations across the Gaza Strip, killing at least 140 people and causing heavy damage, according to officials and witnesses.

At least 30 missiles were fired at targets on Saturday, with the head of emergency services in Gaza saying that at least 200 people were also wounded.

Hours after the Israeli strikes Gaza fighters fired rockets into southern Israel, heeding to calls by Hamas and other affiliated Palestinian groups to avenge the attacks, unprecedented in their scale.

Mustafa Barghauthi, former Palestinian information minister, said; “This is not an attack on the Hamas. Its an attack on the whole population and the free will of the people of Gaza.”

He accused Israel of committing “war crimes” and demanded that Abbas and his government stop all relations with Israel.

Bint Battuta bringer en SMS fra et øjenvidne i Rafah:

“They struck the whole Gaza Strip at the same second. Many of the casualties are school children. My colleague told me he has seen 8 cases of death in the street. He picked his son alive. I am in my school now and the horror is everywhere in Gaza”

… og tilføjer for egen regning: “A Palestinian friend here, a relative of friends in Gaza City, just called me distraught because she can’t get through to them. I feel angry, and I feel helpless.”

Mohammad på Kabobfest skriver:

a day after Tzipi Livni threatened, from Cairo, to destroy Gaza, Egypt announced that it was sending reinforcements to its border with Gaza and urging Egyptians in the area to stockpile food in case the border was breached. Again, many saw this as an ominous warning-that Israel had received a green light from the Egyptian regime for a large scale attack on the Strip.

The day before, Ehud Olmert appeared on the Saudi-owned Arabiyah TV channel, urging Palestinians to rise up against Hamas, at the same time saying he would attack the Strip soon with destructive force.

It happened at noon today, December 27th. As the schools let out for the day, Israeli fighter planes, helicopters and warships launched a series of strikes. Within half an hour, 40 Palestinians were reported killed. It is now 2 hours after the beginning of the ongoing strikes.

The death toll is now 155 Palestinians.

Glædelig jul, alle sammen. Og godt nytår. Med hilsen fra den israelske regering og Obama, Inc.

Update, kl. 14:30: Politiken.dk har nu også historien og skriver bl.a.:

Tyk, sort røg stiger op over Gaza By, efter at 30 missiler har ramt især politikontorer.

Mindst 155 mennesker er dræbt i Gaza By og det sydlige Gaza efter et angreb af det israelske luftvåben, skriver Reuters på baggrund af oplysninger fra lederen af Gazas ambulance-service.