De store virksomheder har begået statskup i mit land

Det er ikke mig, der siger det, eller Danmark, der er tale om.

Chris Hedges
har tilbragt tyve år som krigskorrespondent for New York Times, Dallas Morning News og Christian Science Monitor og havde en ganske ubehagelig aha-oplevelse, da han kom tilbage: “I came back and realized that corporations have carried out a coup d’état in my country.”

Flere citater:

“I covered the street demonstrations that brought down Milošević, I’ve covered both of the Palestinian intifadas, and once movements like this start and articulate a fundamental truth about the society that they live in, and expose the repression, the mendacity, the corruption and the decay of structures of power, then they have a kind of centrifugal force, you never know where they’re going.”

He went on: “What happens, and it’s true in all of these movements as well, is the foot soldiers of the elite, the blue uniform police, the mechanisms of control, finally don’t want to impede the movement. At that point, the power elite is left defenseless. So, where’s it going? No one knows. Even the people most intimately involved in the organization don’t know. All of these movements take on a kind of life and color that in some ways is finally mysterious. The only thing I can say, having been in the middle of similar movements, is that this one is real … And this one could take ‘em all down.”

Men se nu endelig det hele.

Demonstration i Syrien, fredag den 15. april

Fra Al Jazeeras YouTube-kanal, med kommentaren: “Al Jazeera has received this video of protesters heading from the Damascus suburb of Irbin towards nearby Zamalka.”

Den slags demonstrationer var fuldstændig uhørte indtil for kort tid siden, og de bliver ved trods den blodige undertrykkelse for få uger siden. Måtte også denne diktator snart falde.