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20. May 2009

Celtic Light

Morning Vision
The Spirit Of The Pool
Two Water Devas
Numinous Landscape
A Vision In The Glade
Af George William Russell (1867-1935).

The religion which does not cry out: "I am to-day verifiable as that water wets or that fire burns. Test me that ye can become as gods." Mistrust it. Its messengers are prophets of the darkness. As we sink deeper into the Iron Age we are met by the mighty devils of state and empire lurking in the abyss, claiming the soul for their own, moulding it to their image, to be verily their own creature and not heaven's. We need a power in ourselves that can confront these mighty powers.

12. May 2009

The Cult of Done Manifesto

The Cult of Done Manifesto
Plakat af Joshua Rothaas – se også her.

03. May 2009

Nattens dronning

Nattens Dronning

Scenemaleri til Mozarts Tryllefløjten, af Karl Friedrich Schinkel (1781-1841).

13. Mar 2009

Poster Boy


Poster Boy er en anonym street artist fra New York, der specialiserer sig i at forbedre de reklameplakater, der hænger forskellige steder i byen - ikke mindst i undergrundsbanen.

New York Magazine interviewede ham for nogle måneder siden, og her læser vi bl.a.:
The die-hard Fight Club fan hopes to start a decentralized art movement, one where anyone can claim to be Poster Boy. “No copyright, no authorship,” he says. “A social thing, as opposed to being an artist making things for bored rich people to hang above their couch.” That such a crusade might encourage vandalism doesn’t bother him. “Where I’m from, if you go by the book, it’s a very slow process to get what you want,” he says.

Poster Boy is reluctant to talk about his background, but a few details slip out: He was raised in a one-parent home in an East Coast neighborhood he compares to the South Bronx. He spent some of his teen years stealing cars and shooting out windows: “I’ve gotten arrested for a couple of little things.” He enrolled in community college, where he was exposed to Noam Chomsky, Lao Tzu, and George Orwell. “Books like Animal Farm and 1984 sparked something,” he says. “A new sense of independence, where I felt, I should take control of my environment.

In January of this year, after dropping out of a reputable art school, he began loitering around the cavernous subway stations that link his Bushwick apartment to his Chelsea-art-studio day job. “I was playing with the posters, cutting them up, ’cause I have to use razors a lot at my job,” he says. His earliest works were hastily assembled, full of floating heads and juxtaposed slogans. But by the spring he was incorporating social critiques, rearranging the Iron Man logo into IRAN=NAM, and altering an NYPD recruitment-drive poster to read MY NYPD KILLED SEAN BELL. “No matter what I do to the piece,” he says, “as long as I did something to those advertisements and that saturation, it’s political. It’s anti-media, anti–established art world.”

Hærværk eller politisk kunst? Du bestemmer.

Link: Poster Boys Flickr-side

Bemærk: Poster boys billeder er omfattet af en Creative Commons Attribution-licens.

06. Mar 2009



Af Louis Moe (1857-1945).

23. Feb 2009


Max Klinger: Havfruen

Af Max Klinger (1857-1920).

19. Feb 2009



Af Louis Moe (1857-1945). Klik for stort.

15. Feb 2009

Her lå engang en landsby


Men så kom den israelske hær på besøg.

De norske journalister Andreas Lunde og Lars Inge Staveland har lavet et panorama, der viser den israelske hærs ødelæggelse af landsbyen Juhor ad-Dik i Gaza-striben.

Det er et 360-graders-panorama, som du kan orientere dig i ved at trække med musen. Panoramaet blev optaget 24. januar i år. Landsbyen havde indtil da ca. 3200 indbyggere. I dag nok knap så mange.

Link: Gaza Israeli Invasion 2008-2009 Juhor ad-Dik demolished (via KABOBfest).

28. Jan 2009

The places we live


The places we live er en Flash-præsentation med billeder fra fire af verdens største slumområder, i Nairobi (Kenya), Caracas (Venezuela), Jakarta (Indonesien) og Mumbai (tidligere Bombay, Indien), med lyd og præsentation af nogle af de mennesker, der bor der.

Billederne er fascinerende, pågående og samtidig en påmindelse om de forhold, mange mennesker stadig lever under.

Via Boing Boing.

15. Jan 2009



Af William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905).

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