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20. Apr 2006

Botero og Abu Ghraib

Botero Abu Ghraib
Den colombianske kunstner Fernando Botero har skildret amerikanske fangevogteres overgreb i Abu Ghraib-fængslet i en serie på 50 oliemalerier. Hos Art for a Change læser vi:
Botero is a successful artist who has achieved popular acclaim as well as recognition from the art establishment. But lately his cheery and mild-mannered paintings have suddenly turned into works of profound and biting social commentary. Six years ago he began painting the bloody reality of his native Columbia, and just last year he exhibited paintings in Colombia's capital of Bogotá that focused on his nation's 40-year-old guerilla war. However, Fernando Botero's latest paintings go beyond anything he's ever created in the past. He’s completed his masterwork, a suite of 50 large oil paintings depicting the horrors perpetrated by Americans at Iraq's infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

"I, like everyone else, was shocked by the barbarity, especially because the United States is supposed to be this model of compassion." The artist was so upset about what the US had done in Iraq that he set out to create a series of paintings that would forever etch the crime upon the collective consciousness of humanity.
Botero understreger andetsteds, at han med de 50 billeder slet ikke er færdig med at komme omkring rædslen ved de forbrydelser, der blev begået i Abu Ghraib (og som andre amerikanske soldater begår andre steder, med regeringens, om ikke altid militærets egen fulde billigelse, kunne man tilføje).

Via The Labyrinth.
Botero Abu Ghraib
Botero Abu Ghraib
Botero Abu Ghraib Botero Abu Ghraib