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26. Sep 2007

Mine eyes were shut

Zafar and sons
     Mine eyes were shut
         And yet I saw the shining vision gleam;
     Now that mine eyes are opened, know I not
         Was it a thought that held me -- or a dream?

     Long to myself I said -- It will be well,
         When I can see her, I will tell my pain:
     Now she is here, what is there left to tell?
         No griefs remain.

     Faithless she is to me, and pitiless,
         Despotic and tyrannical she is,
     I looked for love, I looked for tenderness,
         I leant on vain impossibilities.

     I listened to thy voice that stole to me
         Across the curtain where thou satst apart,
     Desire came like a restless ecstasy,
         A sorcery that fell upon my heart.

     When I had burst my prison, and was free,
         I saw no fetters held me, and I found,
     O Zafar, that these chains that shackle me
         Are ties of self wherewith my soul is bound.

     Bahadur Shah Zafar (1875-1862)

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