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07. Feb 2007

'Fools and sinners give counsel to the world'


     Fools and sinners give counsel to the world,
     The words of the wise are set at naught.

     No man tells the truth or cares for justice,
     Telling what is untrue has become the practice in the world.

     With violence men commit flagrant iniquity,
     In the hands of tyrants there is a sharp sword.
     There is no Governor, Ruler or Emperor.
     The country and all the people in it have been made desolate.

     Great confusion has fallen on the country,
     There is a sword in every man's hand.
     The veil of shame and modesty has been lifted
     And all the world goes naked in the open bazaar.

     Thieves have become leaders of men.
     Harlots have become mistresses of the household.
     The company of devils has multiplied exceedingly,
     The state of the noble is pitiable.
     Men of menial birth flourish and the peasants are in great propsperity.

     The Jats have become masters of our country,
     Everywhere there is a new Government.

     Waris Shah (1772-1798)