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13. Sep 2007

A New World


     I who had sought afar from earth	
       The faery land to meet,	
     Now find content within its girth	
       And wonder nigh my feet.	
     To-day a nearer love I choose	        
       And seek no distant sphere;	
     For aureoled by faery dews	
       The dear brown breasts appear.	
     With rainbow radiance come and go	
       The airy breaths of day;	        
     And eve is all a pearly glow	
       With moonlit winds a-play.	
     The lips of twilight burn my brow,	
       The arms of night caress:	
     Glimmer her white eyes drooping now	        
       With grave old tenderness.	
     I close mine eyes from dream to be	
       The diamond-rayed again,	
     As in the ancient hours ere we	
       Forgot ourselves to men.	        
     And all I thought of heaven before	
       I find in earth below:	
     A sunlight in the hidden core	
       To dim the noonday glow.	
     And with the earth my heart is glad,	        
       I move as one of old;	
     With mists of silver I am clad	
       And bright with burning gold.

     George William Russell (1867-1935)