– fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL

14. Sep 2007



     You and I have found the secret way,	
     None can bar our love or say us nay:	
     All the world may stare and never know	
     You and I are twined together so.	
     You and I for all his vaunted width	     
     Know the giant Space is but a myth;	
     Over miles and miles of pure deceit	
     You and I have found our lips can meet.	
     You and I have laughed the leagues apart	
     In the soft delight of heart to heart.	        
     If there’s a gulf to meet or limit set,	
     You and I have never found it yet.	
     You and I have trod the backward way	
     To the happy heart of yesterday,	
     To the love we felt in ages past.	        
     You and I have found it still to last.	
     You and I have found the joy had birth	
     In the angel childhood of the earth,	
     Hid within the heart of man and maid.	
     You and I of Time are not afraid.	        
     You and I can mock his fabled wing,	
     For a kiss is an immortal thing.	
     And the throb wherein those old lips met	
     Is a living music in us yet.

     George William Russell (1867-1935)