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11. Sep 2007

Alter Ego


     All the morn a spirit gay	
     Breathes within my heart a rhyme,	
     ’Tis but hide and seek we play	
     In and out the courts of time.	
     Fairy lover, when my feet	        
     Through the tangled woodland go,	
     ’Tis thy sunny fingers fleet	
     Fleck the fire dews to and fro.	
     In the moonlight grows a smile	
     Mid its rays of dusty pearl—	        
     ’Tis but hide and seek the while,	
     As some frolic boy and girl.	
     When I fade into the deep	
     Some mysterious radiance showers	
     From the jewel-heart of sleep	        
     Through the veil of darkened hours.	
     Where the ring of twilight gleams	
     Round the sanctuary wrought,	
     Whispers haunt me—in my dreams	
     We are one yet know it not.	        
     Some for beauty follow long	
     Flying traces; some there be	
     Seek thee only for a song:	
     I to lose myself in thee.

     George William Russell (1867-1935)