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31. Mar 2010


Tabriz flute player

     Flute Player

     Where is the real bazaar?
     I want to buy an eyeful of kindness.
     I want to dress my soul in hyperbole.
     There's a merchant who brings me
     a whole spectrum of leaping colour
     from the city of desires.
     But here at the bazaar at Khojand,
     faces are sour, talk is hot
     and I long for the cool sweets of Tabriz.
     Where is the real bazaar?
     The flute-player tells me:
     come with your ears used to insults,
     and listen to the light recite a prayer to the dark.
     Open your eyes used to pale shame
     and see the beauty of Truth.
     Where is the real bazaar?
     The flute-player is there
     calling my heart towards his hat
     full of old change, but not a single pearl,
     and since I am the jewel in the teardrop
     I must go.

     Farzaneh Khojandi (f. 1964)