– fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL

07. Apr 2008

My body is not your battleground

     My body is not your battleground
     My breasts are neither wells nor mountains,
     neither Badr nor Uhud
     My breasts do not want to lead revolutions
     nor to become prisoners of war
     My breasts seek amnesty: release them
     so I can glory in their milktipped fullness,
     so I can offer them to my sweet love
     without your flags and banners on them

     My body is not your battleground
     My hair is neither sacred nor cheap,
     neither the cause of your disarray
     nor the path to your liberation
     My hair will not bring progress and clean water
     if it flies unbraided in the breeze
     It will not save us from our attackers
     if it is wrapped and shielded from the sun
     Untangle your hands from my hair
     so I can comb and delight in it,
     so I can honor and annoint it,
     so I can spill it over the chest of my sweet love

     My body is not your battleground
     My private garden is not your tillage
     My thighs are not highway lanes to your Golden City
     My belly is not the store of your bushels of wheat
     My womb is not the cradle of your soldiers,
     not the ship of your journey to the homeland
     Leave me to discover the lakes
     that glisten in my green forests
     and to understand the power of their waters
     Leave me to fill or not fill my chalice
     with the wine or honey of my sweet love
     Is it your skin that will tear when the head of the new world emerges?

     My Body is not Your Battleground
     How dare you put your hand
     where I have not given permission
     Has God, then, given you permission
     to put your hand there?

     My body is not your battleground
     Withdraw from the eastern fronts and the western
     Withdraw these armaments and this siege
     so that I may prepare the earth
     for the new age of lilac and clover,
     so that I may celebrate this spring
     the pageant of beauty with my sweet love.

     Mohja Kahf (via, fra samlingen Emails from Scheherazad).