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15. Jun 2007

There is no Seeker other than Him

Shahriar Shahriari: Higher Self

For the lovers, there is no seeking done by themselves,
 there is no other seeker in the world  than Him.

This world and the next are a single substance; in reality,
there is no unbelief, religion or faith.

O you whose breath is like that of Jesus! Don't breathe from
such a distance! I am the admirer of the one who is not

If you say, "I'll go behind," Don't go! There's no behind.
If you say, "I'll go ahead," No! There's no way ahead.

Open your hand and be generous,  grab the hem of
your own robe and be merciful. there is no bandage for
this wound except this garment.

All good and bad qualities are parts of the dervishes; whoever is
not like this, is not a dervish.

Whoever has gone beyond "place," his only place is the heart --
such a heart for which there is no place in the world!

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207-1273)
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