– fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL

14. Aug 2006



	All men are worshippers
	unless they have fallen, and become robots.
	All men worship the wonder of life
	until they collapse into egoism, the mechanical, self-centred system of the robot.
	But even in pristine men, there is this difference:
	some men can see life clear and flickering all around,
	and some can only see what they are shown.
	Some men look straight into the eyes of the gods
	and some men can see no gods, they only know
	the gods are there because of the gleam on the faces of the men who see.
	Most men, even unfallen, can only live
	by the transmitted gleam from the faces of vivider men
	who look into the eyes of the gods.
	And worship is the joy of the gleam from the eyes of the gods,
	and the robot is the denial of the same,
	even the denial that there is any gleam.

	D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930)