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09. May 2007

Dagens citat: Om historie og standhaftighed

"Well may the Sons of Israel be proud of their ancient descent. They suffered through Christian persecutions uncomplainingly -- the torture, the rack, the auto-da-fe -- and yet they bowed their heads in submission to the will of Adonai. To-day they stand upright and united, as in olden times. They have gained the victory over the false disciples of the Nazarene, who, in days gone by, forgot their erudition, their medical knowledge, their commercial activity, and general culture. Pre-eminent in wealth and learning, they are found on the lecture-platform, in the fields of literature and science, in the councils of rulers, on the exchange, in the legislature—everywhere. When Greece and Rome were in their infancy, this extraordinary people was in middle age; and when our Saxon forefathers were in the lowest stage of barbarism, they were in a state of high civilization; and to-day, although scattered, they show a compact front, firmly knit in the bonds of brotherly love, a model for Christians. The great reform movement now agitating Judaism, as well as every other species of political and metaphysical thought, will eventually aid to consolidate all the races into one race—Humanity."

Af Charles Sotheran (1847-1902), fra: Percy Bysshe Shelley as a Philosopher and Reformer, New York 1876.