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03. Jan 2008

Edith Piaf: Non je ne regrette rien


Gatochy skriver om denne gribende sang af Édith Piaf (1915-1963):
Edith Piaf was a really interesting person. She started very poor and uncultivated, but she read thousands of books throughout her life. She was a terrific good person, very courageous and very brave. She started her career singing in the streets. She had to plead with the police to let her make a living, because it was forbidden to do this without a license. Jean Cocteau said she looked like a blind person who had just began to see for the first time.

It's thrilling what she does with this song. She is so dramatic and sober at the same time. I myself regret lots of things, but I like the "let's leave it all behind and just keep going" message the lyrics convey. Good for starting a new year.
Og det kan vi kun tilslutte os. Hør sangen, lyt til teksten og læs oversættelsen, hvis du ikke forstår fransk.