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29. Jan 2008

Nydelsen ved den daglige kop (eller kande) kaffe

Apropos iNorden: Den forhenværende norske højreblogger Bjørn Stærk, der for nogle år siden bragte "sine egne" i oprør ved et stærkt og fornuftigt angreb på den hadefulde ekstremisme, der karakteriserer visse "islamskeptikere" (se især her), har netop på iNorden begået et pragtfuldt essay om sit eget farvel til den daglige morgenkaffe:

Mm .. espressoDo you remember in Blazing Saddles where Hedley Lamarr says “my mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives”? That’s what it feels like to be high on coffee on a Saturday morning, with an empty text editor in front of you. That’s why I often write on coffee. It’s also why I rewrite off it. You wouldn’t believe the sort of nonsense that makes sense during a coffee high.

This stuff is powerful.

And it’s addictive. You need to drink more and more to reach the same high. Some coffee drinkers deny that they’re addicted to it. They drink several cups of it every single day, but they’re not addicted. Oh no. What a strange belief. No one says it’s a powerful or dangerous addiction – not like nicotine or heroin. But if you quit coffee after regular use you will go through withdrawal.

This happened to me during Christmas. I didn’t intend for it to happen, I was very happy with my caffeine addiction. But I was with my family for a week, and my whole coffee routine got kicked out of track. My parents drink less and weaker coffee than I do, and often in the evening, when I can’t, or it’s bye-bye Sandman and hello to staring into the ceiling. So somehow I got down to a single cup in the morning, instead of… many.

Mm .. sleepHere’s what happened: Suddenly I find myself going to bed early, and sleeping ten hours every night. Ten hours every night for six nights. No pain, just sleep, lots and lots of sleep. I haven’t slept so well in years.

I didn’t plan to quit coffee, but now that I have I’m reluctant to get addicted again. There’s no benefit to it. There is a huge benefit to being high on caffeine – I love that. But there’s none to maintaining a coffee addiction. That cup you drink in the morning? It doesn’t wake you up, it just kills the withdrawal symptoms from going a whole night without coffee. And, according to the 14-year old kid who controls the Wikipedia entry on coffee, regular use has made most coffee drinkers “completely tolerant to most of the effects of caffeine”.

In other words, you’re running just to stand still ...
Hrrmmpf - jeg var egentlig selv holdt op med at drikke kaffe her for nogle år siden - måske man skulle til det igen.