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12. Mar 2006


Mens jeg var ved at kigge efter noget helt andet, faldt jeg over dette ret morsomme udfald mod den måske lidt for omsiggribende psykologiske profilering og testning og analyse af dette og hint ...(hop ned til The Winter Psyche Eval):
When those of us who don't know anything about how an engine works take our cars to a mechanic, we do so with the belief that the engine is a rational system that we could come to understand if we only put in the time to learn. We are lazy, so we pay the mechanic, who has taken the time to learn how engines work. As we relinquish the cash, we are actively assuming that the mechanic understands something that we do not.

When we attend our psyche interview some of us feel that we are dealing with a professional who understands something that we do not, sort of like a mechanic of the human mind. This is a grave misunderstanding.

Whatever its inspired roots and tenable theories, Psychology's bread and butter comes from its role as a professional witness. Federal agencies, corporations, and desperate criminals all agree that the advent of modern psychology is truly the most convenient device in recent centuries for eliminating unsightly controversy when law collides with ethics or common decency. Psychology provides a way for These people to say what's wrong with Those people and, in case anyone is watching, to conjure Scientific Evidence to bedazzle the faithful. Psychology is a miraculous snake-oil that actually works. It works because most of us believe a statement to be true if the statement is said by a "scientist", a "researcher", or an "expert".
By developing a taste for degrees, certificates, credentials, and associations, Psychology has co-opted the fraternal trappings of Science and thus firmly shares that same sliver of Authority that the public has not yet allotted to clerks, presidents, and jailkeepers. Thus, though both the zoologist and the Psychologist are popularly considered Scientific Authorities, the zoologist will not be found on a hot circuit of murder trials to discredit key witnesses, no matter how pertinent his insights into the human animal.
Four out of five biologists regard psychologists as jibbering baboons, and you should too. If other scientists had their way, Psychology would not be considered a "science" at all, but would be ranked somewhere above Creationism and below Performance Art.
Så hårdt dette end er trukket op, kan der ikke være nogen tvivl om, at fordi psykologien empirisk set er svagere funderet, kan den i højere grad tillade sig at sige hvad som helst - og lader sig derfor også lettere (mis-)bruge politisk end "rigtig" videnskab som f.eks. biologi eller fysik.

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