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22. Apr 2010

Åbent brev fra European Cyber Criminals

Open Letter from European Cybercriminals

European Cybercriminals udtrykker deres glæde over planerne om at indføre et "børnepornofilter" på europæisk plan. Det er et slag for ligestillingen inden for forbryderverdenen - endelig får de europæiske cyberforbrydere lige så gode muligheder for at slippe godt fra deres onde gerninger som deres kolleger i den virkelige verden:
The European Cybercriminals Society (ECS) wishes to thank the European Commission for its recently published draft Directive on Child Exploitation.

We wish in particular to acknowledge the proposal on the blocking of child abuse websites. Generally, we find that cybercriminals are disadvantaged compared with criminals in the offline world, due to the ease of collection of evidence in computer networks. This measure takes an important first step in redressing this imbalance. The creation of “blocking” systems means that we can install automatic checking systems to inform us immediately when our sites have been “blocked,”showing us that our activities have been identified by law enforcement authorities. This will give us an essential early warning and the opportunity to move the site to another server or, indeed, another country. It will also reduce political pressure to take real actions against us.

Nonetheless, we draw the attention of the Commission to the fact that, wherever possible in the online environment, it has generally taken a “technology neutral” approach to regulation. While we are sure that the Commission and Member States will eventually expand the scope of these blocking measures, we feel that adopting a horizontal approach immediately is the only fair approach. For this reason, the ECS calls on the European Commission to introduce EU-wide blocking for all illegal sites at the earliest possible opportunity. It is clearly unfair for the cybercriminals providing access to intellectual property infringements or running financial fraud websites are not given the same advantages as those proposed for criminals running child abuse websites.

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to the possible creation of a potential barrier to the single market. The United Kingdom will not only block websites accused of infringements of intellectual property, but also provide public information about the sites that it has blocked. This will give sites popular in the UK an unfair competitive advantage over other sites as it is quite clear that only the most interesting sites will be blocked. This is nothing less than state-sponsored advertising those sites to young people who are generally well able to circumvent blocking systems. Such state-sponsored support for certain illegal websites popular in one Member State is clearly unfair and a barrier to the single market for crime. We therefore urge the European Commission to introduce similar rules on an EU level as soon as possible, so that all European cybercriminals can obtain the same advantages.

The ECS remains at the Commission's disposal for any further expertise or assistance that it may need in this dossier – including hacking into the European Parliament's electronic voting system – in the event that the institution risks deciding that supporting cybercriminals is not the wisest approach and therefore opposing your wise proposal.
Link: European Cybercriminal Society.