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03. Aug 2006

Enige om Linux (men ikke om andet)

Israeli Arab Tux
Fra Linux Extremist:
Watching the news from the Middle East is depressing because there is apparently so little of it to go around; war, chaos and violence have been a way of life there for as long as recorded history. And yet, weirdly enough, there is one relatively new way in which both sides in the Middle East agree; Linux usage in both Israel and the Islamic world is on the rise.

It’s a minor, cold comfort to be sure. It’s unlikely that there will be protestors on the streets of Damascus and Jerusalem carrying banners saying, “Make code, not war”. However, though they differ in politics, both sides agree on that.

A quick investigation of how the open source movement is proliferating on the web is an eye opener. I typed “Israel Linux” into Google, and found a very large, active Linux community, the Israeli Group of Linux Users (IGLU). Typing “Arab Linux” yields results which are just as revealing - the Arab Eyes project is working to make Linux more compatible with their language, and there is an active community site entitled Linux Arabia. Similarly, the Iranians are working on variants of Linux that work well with Farsi.

This is not to say that all these programmers intend to use Linux for the same reasons; they may agree on Open Source, but they differ in politics. There is no doubt that terrorists communicate through the use of Open Source technologies. The Iranian government may have some anti-Western motive in developing their own variant of Linux. However, in a strange sort of way, this is progress.
Og på en måde er det én af styrkerne ved fri software - aktørerne kan være i området af de forskelligste grunde og findes i de forskelligste størrelser, fra Blag, som med egne ord
works to overthrow corporate control of information and technology through community action and spreading Free Software
til IBM, som er én af Open Source-bevægelsens største økonomiske støtter - men som ingen vist mistænker for at have revolutionære motiver.

Fordi softwaren er fri, giver den alle friheden til at gøre med den, som de vil - ligesåvel som IBM kan bygge videre på Blags arbejde, kan Blag bygge videre på IBMs. En frihed, man ikke har med traditionel licensbaseret software som Windows, etc.