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03. Sep 2008

Stephen Fry siger tillykke til fri software


Den britiske skuespiller Stephen Fry ønsker GNU-projektet tillykke med de 25 år og forklarer, hvorfor fri software er en god ting, som også du kunne overveje at bruge på din computer.

Free Software Foundation, der står bag GNU-projektet, skriver om fødselsdagen i en pressemeddelelse:
"We intend for the 25th anniversary to be more than just a reflection on the history of the free software movement, because despite all of the success brought about by the GNU system and other free software projects, we still need a determined effort to replace or eliminate the proprietary applications, platforms, drivers and firmware that many users still run. In this light, the video of Stephen Fry is not just a celebration, but a rallying call for the work that still needs to be done. During September we plan a number of further announcements leading up to Software Freedom Day (http://softwarefreedomday.org/) on September 20 and the GNU anniversary on September 27."

Today over 300 software packages are released under the auspices of the GNU Project, and new programs are being added all the time. These programs range from the original core operating system components to more recent additions like Gnash, a free software answer to the threat posed by Adobe's proprietary Flash player plugin; and GNU PDF, a reader for PDF files. Outside of GNU, the Free Software Directory (http://directory.fsf.org) names over 5,000 additional free software projects, including Firefox-based web browsers, the Apache web server, and OpenOffice.org. Other well-known groups, like Wikipedia, Creative Commons, and the free culture movement, cite the GNU system and the free software philosophy as important inspirations for their decisions to make similar commitments to freedom in their respective areas.

"Happy Birthday to GNU," along with more information about GNU software and philosophy, are on display at http://www.gnu.org.

Link: Freedom Fry — "Happy birthday to GNU".