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21. Jan 2015

Dagens citat: Permakultur

Permaculture Chicken

»For myself, I see no other solution (political, economic) to the problems of mankind than the formation of small responsible communities involved in permaculture and appropriate technology. I believe that the days of centralised power are numbered, and that a re-tribalisation of society is an inevitable, if sometimes painful, process.

I believe we must change our philosophy before anything else changes. Change the philosophy of competition (which now pervades our educational system) to that of cooperation in free associations, change our material insecurity for a secure humanity, change the individual for the tribe, petrol for calories, and money for products.

People who force nature force themselves. When we grow only wheat, we become dough. If we seek only money, we become brass; and if we stay in the childhood of team sports, we become a stuffed leather ball. Beware the monoculturalist, in religion, health, farm or factory. He is driven mad by boredom, and can create war and try to assert power, because he is in fact powerless.

To become a complete person, we must travel many paths, and to truly own anything we must first of all give it away. This is not a riddle.«

Bill Mollison, citeret fra Introduction to Permaculture (Tagari Publications, 1979) s. 177-78.