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20. Mar 2007

4 år

I can't believe I'm still protesting this shit
BBCs korrespondent John Simpson gør status over, hvor meget bedre alting er blevet, siden Danmark var med til at gå ind og skabe demokrati og velstand:
After Baghdad fell, I would satellite reports back to London about attacks in which one or two people were killed. It was big news in those days. Last Thursday, a bomb exploded near the end of the street in central Baghdad where the BBC has its office. Eight people were killed and 25 injured, and we had rather good pictures of it.

But I did not ring London to offer a report about it. To get on the news, or the front page of the newspapers nowadays, a lot of people have to die. I would say the current figure is 60 or 70; and it certainly wouldn't be the lead.

This is not because editors do not care; it is because it happens so often it scarcely seems like news.
Via Christopher Hitchens Watch.