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08. Aug 2005

Åbent brev til det japanske folk

I anledning af 60-årsdagen for bomberne over Hiroshima og Nagasaki bringer irakeren Raed Jarrar et åbent brev til det japanske folk. Vi bringer et uddrag:
I have never met a single Iraqi with feelings of hate or aggression towards the Japanese people, and I hope these feelings will last for ever. I wish your government hadn't taken a part of the illegal war and occupation of Iraq, and that the direct relation between our cultures didn't start by sending your soldiers to Iraq. I really wish that the millions of Iraqis who never met a Japanesee person in their life didn't meet your soldiers as a first personal interaction between the two populations.

I would like to ask you to put more pressure on your government to pull out your Japanese military Forces from Iraq. Let the Bush administration handle and solve the problem they started with the Iraqi people. It is their responsibility, not yours. Don't give the Bush administration a fake international cover to justify their illegal war and occupation of Iraq. The presence of your military groups in Iraq is just political; it's just for supporting the US administration's misguided foreign policy.

Please don't let your sons and daughters in the military stay in Iraq, please don't let more of your civilian sons and daughters be killed in Iraq, and please don't start a terrible history of violence and hate between your people and our people by letting your government take a part of this new mass-murder.