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30. Sep 2006

'Flying while bearded'

Eller, historien om, hvordan terroristerne vinder - fra AP via IHT:
A Spanish university professor with a long beard and dark complexion says he was briefly forced off an airliner by passengers who feared he was an Islamic terrorist.

Pablo Gutierrez Vega, a 35-year-old law professor at the University of Seville, told the newspaper El Pais he was humiliated last month when three German passengers on an Air Berlin flight approached him during a layover in Palma de Mallorca en route from Seville to Dortmund, Germany, and asked to search his carryon luggage.

The men told him, first in German and then in English, that other passengers were frightened by his appearance, the professor said. Gutierrez sports a long beard during the summer months when he is not teaching.

"They treated me like an Islamic terrorist because of my appearance," Gutierrez Vega said, according to El Pais.

On discovering the men were not undercover police officers, Gutierrez Vega refused to hand over his luggage.

The pilot then approached the group and led the professor to the runway, Gutierrez Vega said from Seville in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

"The pilot said the passengers believed I was a Muslim," Gutierrez Vega said.

He said the pilot had observed the confrontation with the other passengers and asked him to get off the plane in order to talk.

On the runway the pilot apologized for the incident and said he was willing to expel the frightened passengers and continue the flight with Gutierrez Vega on board, the professor said ...
Det er hysteri som dette, der er terroristernes stoerste gevinst. Saa laenge vi ikke lader os skraemme til absurditeter som ovenstaaende, er de reelt magtesloese.