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07. Feb 2006

'It's anti-Semitism, but this time, the Semites aren't Jews'

Dette citerede vi i går Bradley Burston for. I dagens Ha'aretz fortsætter Yossi Sarid i samme spor:
The real context of the Danish cartoon is not the "war of civilizations," but rather the stubborn attempt by a great many elements to fan such a war. Okay, so the publication of the cartoon perhaps started a crisis in Denmark's relations with Muslim countries, but this publication is just one link in the manifestations of hostility toward the million of Muslims who live in Europe - most of whom were born there, educated there and speak one of its languages.

In the Europe of today it is very difficult to be a Muslim male with a beard and a skullcap, or a Muslim woman with a head covering and a long dress. It sometimes seems as though there are European elements - French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy is not exceptional, nor are the spokesmen of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the ruling party in Bavaria - who are seeking the right moment to expel tens of thousands of Muslims from the countries in which they live. One thing is clear: The neo-Nazis have long since ceased to be the only spokesmen of this racism. The interview granted by the Jewish Alain Finkielkraut to Dror Mishani in Haaretz was also, most disgracefully, a symptom of this fanning of the flames.
Hvilket minder om den simple anstændighed i udlændingespørgsmålet man også finder hos danske jøder som Arne Melchior og Herbert Pundik, som højrefløjen hader så voldsomt.

En anstændighed, som lige så meget som en sådan formentlig er en realisme: Mange jøder er meget bevidste om, hvordan det er at leve som del af en trængt religiøs minoritet i netop Europa, og den islamofobiske retorik om "truslen fra islam" og "infiltration" har dybe ekkoer, minder for meget om - noget andet.

For Sarid bliver den antiislamiske europæiske højrefløjs massive støtte til Israel hermed ekstra usmagelig:
How scary this "love of Israel" is for those who are familiar with the nature of the arguments about the Christian cultural purity of Europe.

And who among the Israelis who have spent considerable time there has not heard, at least once, the stupid compliment about the difference between us, the new Jews, and the Jews of other times. The Israeli rejoicing at the moment, which is fortifying the freedom of the Danish press, is not only not equipped with real memory, but also has been equipped for years now with something entirely different, a blend of hatred for religion and the East.