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13. Dec 2006

'Six Brutal Truths about Iraq'

Den amerikanske general William Odon har skrevet en artikel, hvor han forklarer seks brutale sandheder om situationen i Irak (og Iran) - seks sandheder, hvor krigs- og besættelsestilhængerne oftest går i vandet.

Om den almindeligt fremførte indvending, at vi ikke må lade de civile irakere "i stikken", hedder det således:
Many pundits and politicians – particularly those who howled for the invasion of Iraq in 2002 and 2003 — posture about human rights abuses that will occur if U.S. troops are withdrawn rapidly. The way to have avoided moral responsibility for these abuses was not to invade in the first place. At present, U. S. military forces in Iraq merely facilitate arrests and executions by Shiite officials in the police and some army units. These, of course, are mainly in reaction to the Baathist-led insurgency. This struggle will continue, with or without U.S. forces present, although the forms and tactics of the struggle will change after U.S. forces withdraw. An earlier withdrawal, one or two years ago, would probably have allowed this struggle to be fought to a conclusion by now. Our well-meaning efforts to prevent blood baths are more likely causing them to be bigger, not smaller.
Via Syria Comment.