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21. Mar 2006

Angry Arab på Aljazeera

Aljazeeras engelske hjemmeside har et interview med As'ad AbuKhalil, som udover at være forfatter og samfundsforsker også bestyrer den meget aktive og informative weblog Angry Arab.

AbuKhalil bliver spurgt om sit syn på udviklingen i Irak, og han er (som så mange andre) ret pessimistisk:
There is now an explosion, literally, of militant fanatical groups that are bent on destroying the ties of amity and brotherhood between Sunnis and Shia. One can see that this was effective.

The latest International Crisis Group [report] points out the cynical and destructive ways by which the US administration manipulated Iraqi social, sectarian, ethnic, and tribal divisions for its own sake.

Having failed to shore up support for its favourite "secular" clients, the US occupation armed and empowered lethal sectarian Shia groups that were bent on revenge.

On the other side, [wanted Jordanian al-Qaida leader Abu Musab] al-Zarqawi and company found in Iraq the environment that existed in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

For such groups, the ability to register theological and ideological points on a land under US troops was too tempting.

This explains the influx of militant radicals from the entire Middle East. Ironically, the model of "democracy" and "secularism" that [George] Bush and the neo-conservatives were planning in Iraq had degenerated into a model of mayhem, pillage, and plunder, and the ayatollahs rule in all but name.
Han mener, USA fra starten bevidst udnyttede og opmuntrede de potentielle spændinger mellem Iraks befolkninggrupper i håb om bedre at kunne styre landet: "When the US entered Iraq, it took advantage of the sectarian divisions in the country. These divisions had already been aggravated by the rule of Saddam Hussein, but now it was being aggravated again by the US."

USA har således snarere haft held til at give islamismen og især den iransk-venlige shi'itiske af slagsen, magten:
Bush, far from being remembered for establishing democracy in Iraq, will most likely be remembered as the man who brought ayatollahs' rule to Iraq, next door to Iran.

The ayatollahs' regional empire will have Bush's footprints on it. The region as a whole will continue to be affected.
Oh, well - go read.
Link til As'ad AbuKhalils weblog.