– fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL

01. May 2005

Arbejdernes internationale kampdag

Mayday parade
Hvis man ikke orker at gå udenfor til demonstration, stiller EuroMayday velvilligt en virtuel 1. maj-demo til rådighed for hele verden. Man kan vælge en figur og et slogan, og man kan se på hver af de andre deltagere, hvor de kommer fra og hvad de har valgt som slogan. Som det vil fremgå af billedet, er der allerede 4250 deltagere ....

Med arrangørernes egne ord:
As the EuroMayDay in Europe nears, you're hyperwelcome to join the MayDay NetParade, a virtual demo that runs thru a heavily guarded and branded city put under siege by insurgent legions of brain+chain+temp workers and assorted anarchists, commies, queers and greens. The marching avatars are digital simulacra of today's exploited masses of neoliberalism: précaires, precari@s, precari, cognitarie, contingent knowledge and service workers. We are a mixed bunch, a heterogeneous multitude of precarious jobs and lives. Yet we have not spawn out of fordist assembly chains, but out of dystopian retail chains and office spaces. Why don't you give your pictorial contibution to this multicolored parade, and reclaim that visibility that mainstream media, unions, parties are denying us? Make yourself heard! Voice your anger and/or irony! You will be able to be part of a piece of collective net art. But do it fast, cos after May 1st, the NetParade will remain visible online, but it will no longer be possible to join.
Via Modkraft.