– fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL

18. Apr 2006



Hvad sker der, hvis din leder er ham her:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Og dit land har sådan et:

Bushehr Nuclear facility

Og din modstander ikke engang kan udtale ordet NUCLEAR:

George W. Bush Jr.


Vel, forhåbentlig ikke det, som den udmærkede Bahraini Mahmood frygter i sit indlæg på Mahmood's Den:
The question is not whether Iran, being sovereign nation, has the right to pursue a nuclear program, the question seems to be "give me an excuse to nuke their ass!"

The US has a grudge against Iran which it carried for quite a bit longer than the hostage situation at the American Embassy in Tehran, or even before Mossadegh... it started in the 20s of the last century and the colour of that relationship has never been rosy.

That too doesn’t concern me. The questions I’m asking is simply this: Iran is a sovereign nation and has every right to pursue peaceful nuclear programs regardless of what we think. The US or anyone else in the world has absolutely no excuse to attack Iran taking this as a pretence.
Shall we pack our bags now, or wait for another year when the whole region is incinerated because of two very deranged men?
Vel, udsigterne må nødvendigvis være en hel del mørkere, hvis man sidder i Bahrain ...

Billeder og kommentarer via Mahmood's Den, en ofte yderst læseværdig Bahraini blog - så go read!