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24. Apr 2006

Bomber i Dahab, Ægypten

Mange sårede, mindst 22 dræbte - meget er endnu uklart.

Ægypteren Karim Elsahy opsummerer situationen sådan her:
A small town made up primarily of huts and famous for its diving and cannabis, Dahab is a town frequented by both Israeli and Egyptian tourists alike. With Sham El Naseem (Easter) holiday in effect, however, it would typically be filled to the brim with young Egyptian kids looking for a good time.

Also tomorrow is Sinai Liberation Day. Doubtfully a coincidence.

There could be only one mark. These terrorists have once again purposely targeted the youth of Egypt. Are we going to need yet another one of these to realize our real enemies?
Det er endnu uklart, præcis hvem der står bag angrebet, og tabstallet kan stadig nå at vokse; indtil videre vil vi lade Karim Elsahys vurdering stå.

Update, 25. april kl. 13:30:

Sandmonkey skriver:
So, I found out earlier today about the bombings, like 20 minutes after they happend, and I wasn;t even anywhere near my laptop. Y'all should know the story by now. 3 explosions went off , 23 killed , 62 injured and since this was easter weekend, it means that the majority of those hit are from egypt's creme de la creme. This means that the crackdown is going to be extra super harsh, and hopefully they will remove Habib al adly this time. I don't know what more evidence is needed to prove that he is a failure at protecting egyptians. But then again, he never really considers that his job. He is mor einterested in protecting the President and his son. That's all he really cares about.

Whatever, this follows the trend of bthe bombings. Now every resort in sinai has been bombed, and they all got hit on egyptian holidays, 3 years in a row.
Big Pharaoh skriver:
This is very very shocking. The third terrorist attack in Sinai after Taba and Sharm el Sheikh. I called a friend who works in the tourism industry in Sinai and she told me that the occupancy rate in Dahab is over 100% especially since Egyptians flocked to the city during the holidays. She is so concerned about tourism this time, she's not sure things will get back to normal as quickly as they did after the Sharm attacks.

It is still too early to make judgments but everyone here is talking about the role that the Sinai Bedouins might have had in facilitating the attack. The police were so brutal in cracking down on people in Sinai after the Taba and Sharm bombing, people think the attack might have been a retaliation. I believe the government should really reach out to the Bedouins and try to ease things up with them.