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21. Aug 2006

Christopher Hitchens - terroristernes ven

Christopher Hitchens synes i denne artikel i Slate at udtrykke forståelse for, at forskellen mellem "frihedskæmpere" og "terrorister" er lidt mere subtil og tvetydig end som så:
This brings to four the number of former hijackers and kidnappers with whom I have been on friendly terms. Herminio da Palma Inácio, the Portuguese revolutionary, was perhaps the first hijacker in Europe. He borrowed a Portuguese plane from Morocco during the Salazar dictatorship, made it fly over Lisbon and drop leaflets calling for a free election, took it back to Morocco, presented all the ladies onboard with a rose, apologized for the inconvenience, and deftly disappeared. He was later a national hero for his role in the overthrow of fascism. In the 1960s, Bill Brent became convinced (I think with good reason) that if the Oakland Police Department didn't kill him, some of his former Black Panther associates would. He rashly decided to redirect a TWA flight from Oakland, Calif., to Cuba, where he still lives and from where he has published a very readable and sobering memoir called Long Time Gone. Bassam Abu Sharif, who during his days in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine helped bring hijacking to the Middle East, was later partially deafened and partly crippled by an Israeli parcel bomb and went on to become one of the most fluent and courageous advocates of a "mutual recognition" between the two peoples.
Selvom Hitchens ikke skriver det lige ud siger det naturligvis sig selv, at også i dag er tingene lige så lidt sort/hvide som de var for tredive år siden.

Via Hitchens Watch.