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15. Feb 2006

Danmarks nye værdier

En dansk musiker bosat i London ved navn Kiku Day forklarer i dag, i et glimrende indlæg i The Guardian, præcis hvad for et Danmark, de famøse Muhammed-tegninger kom fra.

Day skriver bl.a.:
The inelegant handling of the controversy over the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad is the result of a country that has been moving in the direction of xenophobia and racism - especially towards its Muslim inhabitants.

The world needs to realise that the Denmark that helped Jews flee from Nazi deportation is long gone. A new Denmark has appeared, a Denmark of intolerance and a deep-seated belief in its cultural superiority.
...how have ordinary Danes reacted? The People's party reported that last week it had received almost 17 times as many applications for membership as normal. Is this the future for Denmark? These are the new "Danish values", and the world needs to be aware of the dangers of a country that went off on the wrong track while nobody noticed.
Link til Kiku Days artikel i The Guardian.