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21. Nov 2006

Darfur Awareness

Darfur Awareness
Den sudanesiske blogger Sudanese Thinker har i samarbejde med aktivister fra Mideast Youth søsat en kampagne, der skal gøre opmærksom på de meget lidt belyste begivenheder i Darfur, Sudan.

Med overskrifter som Darfur children dragged from mothers and shot synes der at være rigelig grund til at oplyse om, hvad der sker - selvom enkle forklaringer eller løsninger ikke umiddelbart hænger på træerne.

På kampagnens hjemmeside finder vi denne introduktion til problematikken:
It is absolutely ridiculous that information on Darfur is becoming increasingly difficult to find. We have to go out of our way in order to seek it. We are not exposed to such information otherwise. The mass media ignores it, as if nothing is going on, as if this is an unimportant fact soon to be history. We look at our past and other genocides, and we think "never again." We looked at Rwanda and we thought, "how horrible. Something should’ve been done about it!"

And this? It’s still happening today. Right now.

Is this not worthy of our attention?

Is this not front page material? Are you that comfortably numb? Too bored of numbers, dead bodies, horrific details, human beings who have been reduced to a footnote? Are you waiting for this current event to turn into a depressing statistic? Or are you simply unaware due to the unbelievable lack of coverage?

If the mass media is not acting responsibly, we will do whatever we can in order to provide vital information with the help of other campaigns launched for similar purposes. This is a grave crime against humanity and it pains me to see it unknown amongst many individuals, more specifically fellow Arabs. Where is the Arab media? What is it reporting that’s so much more important than this unspeakable crime?

Indeed, ignorance is bliss. But ignorance does come with a big price. If you are ignorant as to what’s going on in Darfur, you are allowing the rivers of blood to keep flowing ...

En opfordring, der naturligvis er rettet mod de arabiske verden og de arabiske medier mere end mod Vesten. Men nu er den så i hvert fald viderebragt her.

Hvis man søger oplysninger om konflikten, har Washington Post i øvrigt en artikel, som er et godt sted at starte: 5 Truths About Darfur.