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16. Apr 2005

Det kan man da kalde en selvmodsigelse

Helle Thorning-Schmidt, på forsiden af Jyllands-Posten d. 13. april 2005:
Slut med betontænkning
Helle Thorning-Schmidt, på forsiden af Jyllands-Posten d. 13. april 2005:
Enten er I med mig, eller også finder I noget andet at lave
Lyder, som om der bliver mindst lige så meget totalitær beton, som der altid har været - omend måske en ny slags beton, en pink Gucci-variant, så at sige. Vi overlader ordet til Henning Bertram, som har givet den gældende opsummering af formandsvalget:
The press has really, really played along, and tried to find the differences between the two candidates. On the one hand, we have Red Frank. He has previously been an assistant coach, without much of the public having any clear memories of what he accomplished in that position. However, he has promised that if gets the job the team will be more on the attack, especially down the left side of the field. As he probably also wants to make sure that he does not alienate any oldtime fans, he can probabbly also be relied upon to have an old-fashioned sweeper in the team. Just in case.

His opponent is Gucci-Helle. Why she got that nick is neither here nor there. What is interesting is that she is young, female and is supposed to be photogenic. Should she get the job, she promises to stengthen the midfield—even to the extent that she will let the gameplay be decided by coaches from other teams. Some have high hopes for Helle, but what they are founded on is not really clear, as she does not have any major experiences as a coach or an assistant.

No, seriously—much of the coverage has been on that silly level. Whoever gets the job will, I am sure, play the same old game.
Med andre ord: Intet nyt under solen, især ikke politiske ideer eller visioner. Forskellen på Frank og Helle er som forskellen mellem at stikke tungen ud ad det ene eller det andet vindue.