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16. Aug 2005


Haaretz Cartoon
Israel Reporter er en bosættervenlig hjemmeside, der i disse dage rapporterer direkte fra Neve Dekalim-bosættelsen i Gush Katif, Gaza.

Alt lader til at være kørt i stilling, området er belejret, og der er kampe mellem bosætteraktivister og politi:
This is the day of destruction. After nearly 60 hours without sleep (including the Tisha B’av 25-hour total fast) and in severe heat stress, I awoke to an strategic infiltration of Neve Dekalim. There will be no way to communicate all the events of the last 36 hours at this time. In the last several hours, thousands of riot police broke down the main gate/entrance to Neve Dekalim with force and bulldozers, scattering and beating mostly children and young adults. I have returned to my cottage here to download all the movies and pictures that had filled two 1GB memory cards, and I am now returning to the scene in Neve Dekalim by the main entrance. As I write, thousands of police are pushing forward into Neve Dekalim and beating children (sometimes even non-resistors) to enter Neve Dekalim for two reasons: (1) to deliver explusion notices to every house in the city (which was physically resisted by our rallies of last nite and yesterday morning); and (2) to allow the free passage of truck containers to residents who have decided to leave. Yesterday day and night, we had completely shut down the front gate and had several, multi-hour rallies to prevent the entrance of the riot police with explusion orders. A reporter has just called that the scene up front is "not something I should get involved with". Let me translate: they are beating and arresting people...
Via Rafah Pundits.

Uri Avnery fra Gush Shalom har også nogle interessante kommentarer om situationen:
Sharon's world-view is simple, not to say primitive. The vision of Vladimir Jabotinsky, the ideologue-poet from Odessa (and spiritual father of the present-day Likud), is quite foreign to the boy born in the cooperative village of Kfar Malal. Menachem Begin, with his Polish ideas of honor, was also foreign to him, and in his heart he despised him. His real mentor was David Ben-Gurion.

Sharon's is a classic Zionist ideology, consistent and pragmatic: to enlarge the borders of the Jewish State as much as possible, in a continuing process, without including in it a non-Jewish population. To settle everywhere possible, using every possible trick. To do much and talk little about it. To make declarations about the desire for peace, but not to make a peace that would hinder expansion and settlement.
[Sharon] wants to expand Israel's borders as much as possible, and minimize the number of Arabs within them. Therefore it makes sense to him to give up the tiny Gaza strip with the million and half Palestinians living there, and also the centers of Palestinian population in the West Bank. He wants to annex the settlement blocs and the sparsely populated areas, where new settlement blocs can be set up. He is content to leave to future generations the problem of the Palestinian enclaves.

Ben-Gurion laid down a basic principle: the State of Israel has no borders. Borders freeze the existing situation, and to this Israel cannot agree. Therefore, all his successors, including Yitzhak Rabin, were ready to reach interim agreements, but never a final agreement that would fix permanent borders. That's why Sharon insists that all his steps are unilateral, and that, after the disengagement, new interim agreements may be reached - but under no circumstances a final peace agreement.
Så nej, fanden er ikke gået i kloster, og det er ræven, der vogter gæs, hvis man tror på hans fredsvilje. Denne ræv er blot særdeles kløgtig og oven i hatten en blændende dygtig politiker.

Med denne tilbagetrækning er det dog muligt, at han har sat gang i noget (og etableret et fortilfælde), der går langt ud over, hvad han egentlig havde forestillet sig; som det også er Avnerys pointe. Go read.