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15. Sep 2005

Endnu en dag i Irak

Fra Daily War News:
Bring ‘em on: Seven unidentified bodies found in Rustumiya, hands tied and shot in the head. Six civilians killed and two wounded when gunmen attacked an estate agent's office in the Shu'la district of western Baghdad. Two policemen killed and three civilians wounded by gunmen in Kirkuk. At least six Iraqi soldiers killed or wounded by a roadside bomb in Fallujah. A senior judge from the northern Iraqi town of al-Dawr was assassinated with his brother by gunmen in the nearby town of Is'haqi. Iraqi police found the bodies of two Iraqis in the Tigris river running through the town of Balad. An Iraqi contractor working for the U.S. military was found dead 75 km in Iskandiriya, blindfolded and handcuffed. Approximately 2,300 people detained in August on suspicion of supporting or conducting attacks against U.S. and Iraqi forces, the U.S. military said in a statement. It said 1,085 were released the same month, adding that around 50 percent of all suspects detained are freed after investigations find there is insufficient evidence to hold them.

Bring ‘em on: Seventeen men dragged from their homes and shot to death in Taji by men in Iraqi army uniforms. Two US soldiers wounded in suicide car bomb attack on their convoy in eastern Baghdad. Roadside bomb attack on a US convoy in Baghdad, no casualties reported. Six bodies, shot to death, blindfolded, and with bound hands, found near a garbage dump in Taji. Interior Ministry police official shot to death in Baghdad (This may be the Major General reported killed in yesterday’s post. Or maybe not.). Four security contractors wounded in roadside bombing near Basra, some reports identify them as Americans but US officials stated they were not affiliated with the US military mission or coalition forces. Two Kurdish construction workers killed and one wounded in drive-by shooting in southern Baghdad. Bodies of two men, bearing signs of torture, found in southeastern Baghdad.

Bring ‘em on: Five people killed and 22 wounded in a suicide car bombing in the Shula district of Baghdad. Three Iraqi soldiers killed when a car bomb targeted their patrol in the Adel district of western Baghdad.

Bring ‘em on: US airstrikes reported against targets in Haditha and Qaim. Fighting continues in Haditha. Clashes reported between insurgents and coalition forces in Qaim.

Bring ‘em on: 114 people killed and more than 156 wounded in Baghdad in Iraq's second deadliest bombing since the war began. The bomber drew the men to his vehicle with promises of work before detonating the bomb, which contained up to 500 pounds (220 kg) of explosives. Eleven people killed in a car bombing in northern Baghdad as they queued to fill gas canisters.

Scenes from the bombing: The bodies of the dead and the dying lay slumped on the cold tile floors of Baghdad's Kadhimiya hospital on Wednesday, the bloody victims of one of Iraq's deadliest suicide bombings.

Weeping relatives were left to hold up bags of saline for the wounded after equipment ran out in the hospital, one of the city's busiest. Wards overflowed, leaving dozens lying in shock on the floor, desperate for treatment.

The ground was littered with blood-stained bandages and empty plastic bags of medicine, while the corridors echoed with the screams of patients, some of whom lost limbs in the blast.

"Oh Ali! Ali!" cried one man through a grimace, invoking the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, a revered Shi'ite imam.

Stunned doctors in white coats tried to assess the worst cases and decide who could wait, who needed urgent surgery and for whom it was already too late.

One man, half naked and curled up in a ball on the grime- ridden floor, shook uncontrollably, his body still in shock from the attack. Doctors stepped over him, and the pool of blood around him, as they tended to even worse cases.

Og ét hundrede procent af skylden for hvert eneste af disse dødsfald må lægges et hundrede procent på Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney og deres øvrige medskyldige, herunder Tony Blair og Anders Fog. Hvad med de mennesker, der udfører og planlægger disse morderiske angreb på uskyldige civile?

De har også hundrede procent af ansvaret - det kan, som regnskabet efter Holocaust også viste, sagtens lade sig gøre.

Men Bush og hans medskyldige vil aldrig kunne sige sig fri for det frygtelige ansvar efter en mislykket, ulykkelig krig.