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03. Mar 2008

Et amerikansk (eksil-)syn

American Embassy, Belgrade Mark Ames skriver på eXile.ru om angrebene på den amerikanske ambassade i Beograd i kølvandet på Kosovos uafhængighed, og han lægger ikke fingrene imellem:
I won't lie: I just watched footage of the Serbs burning down the US Embassy in Belgrade, and it made me feel great. It's always nice to see assholes getting their just desserts, but in Serbia's case, it's more than that. The insane and idiotic NATO war against Serbia over Kosovo in 1999 was the war that made the even more idiotic and insane invasion of Iraq in 2003 possible. It was the first time that America led a war against another country without UN approval, making every NATO country complicit in the Iraq invasion by setting the precedent. And it was the first time that the liberal hawks aligned with the neo-conservatives to reshape the world in their moronic vision.

What's particularly gratifying in watching the Serbs protest and burn is that it shows the Serbs haven't been completely coapted and turned into harmless little Washington bootlickers like the rest of Europe. They have international law on their side, and they have history on their side, but the real question is whether or not they still have their souls. The protests of the past few days, and the burning of the embassy, show that they do.

Every shit-head who conned America into these humanitarian wars, from the David Rieffs and Thomas Friedmans to the Bill Kristols and Richard Perles, there's a message for you in the flames rising from Belgrade's US Embassy, a message from someone named "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad." It says here: "Thanks, dumbfucks--oops, I mean thanks, guys! Couldn't have destroyed American power better myself if I tried. And believe me, I've tried! Drinks are on me--and heck, I don't even drink! Ha-ha! Yours, The Mahmster.


PPS: You know what I really think you should do? You oughtta kick Russia out of the G-8 and...sorry I'm just laughing here too much...and also maybe like launch a massive air attack on my country. Seriously, it's uh..because we sponsor terrorism. Yeah, seriously, do those two things, and I guarantee you America will be a hyperpower in no time. Bet it all, baby! No seriously, I pro--HAHAH--sorry, I promise. Haha-hoohoo...gotta go now, later! My sides are killin' me! Hoo-hoo-hoo!!"
Nuvel, jeg er måske ikke helt enig med Ames mht det karastofale i diverse uafhængighedsbevægelser, men det amerikansk-ledede angreb på Jugoslavien i 1999 var en katastrofe, og der kan komme uventede og ubehagelige ting ud af at blande sig i andre landes interne konflikter.

Oprettelsen af Kosovo som uafhængig stat er potentielt også højst problematisk, som Ames også gør opmærksom på med nogle (æhem) lidt andre ord ...