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10. Sep 2005


Et spørgsmål, der undrede mig de første dage efter Katrinas hærgen i Louisiana: Hvorfor forlod de mange, der ikke havde en bil, ikke New Orleans til fods?

Et svar på spørgsmålet kan findes hos Richard Stallman:
Why couldn't poor people without cars evacuate from New Orleans? Because police wouldn't allow them to walk out to safety. Poor people, tourists, convention attendees, anyone without a car, was trapped. Refugees were repeatedly lied to, threatened, and forced back by police, who even confiscated their food and water.

When they camped in a visible place to wait, this embarrassed the police, who lied to them and threatened them with guns. They forced honest people to split up into small groups, which were vulnerable to criminal gangs. All in all, they acted like they considered the people an occupied populace.

I wonder if any of these police can be identified, named, and shamed.

Another page provides commentary, with links to various corroborating material.

Politiets opgave: Med magt at holde folk inde i et katastrofeområde?