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15. Mar 2006

Fængslet i Jeriko

Her kunne der have stået en redegørelse for, hvad jeg nu tænker om angrebet på fængslet i Jeriko og den følgende ballade i Gaza.

Jeg vil dog indtil videre nøjes med at give ordet til den amerikansk-palæstinensiske akademiker Ali Abunimah:
The Israeli attack on Jericho and kidnap of a number of Palestinian prisoners, including the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) demonstrates once again the fiction that there is a functioning Palestinian "government" in the occupied territories. The ease and impunity with which the occupation forces attack Palestinians everywhere serves to remind us that these territories remain today, as they have been since 1967, under full Israeli military dictatorship. It is a mistake to keep referring to a "Palestinian government," because this gives the false impression that Palestinians under occupation are in control of their destiny. Palestinian factions may, in the wake of the January elections, be negotiating to form a "government," but this does not mean that this "government" can exercise any control or protect Palestinians from the ravages of the occupying power.

The media coverage I have seen of the events in Jericho, especially the BBC, has been appallingly shallow and misleading. Let us remember why Ahmad Saadat and other prisoners in the Jericho jail were wanted by the occupation authorities. Saadat is accused of killing Rehavam Ze'evi, the founder of the Moledet Party and an Israeli cabinet minister. The missing contextual facts are that the PFLP killed Ze'evi in retaliation for Israel's murder of its leader Abu Ali Mustafa (Mustafa al-Zibri) in August 2001. Al-Zibri was not carrying arms or fighting, but sitting at his desk when an Israeli Apache helicopter fired a missile at him blowing him to pieces. Ze'evi was the leading advocate in Israel for the destruction of the Palestinian people, calling for their wholesale expulsion, as you can read in the interview with him from 2001 that I have included below. The party he founded is running on the same platform in the current Israeli election campaign as you can read on its website.

In the present atmosphere, we are being told that Hamas, which has maintained a truce for more than 12 months, and which has declared its willingness to come to terms with an Israel that withdraws to the 1967 border, is beyond the pale for Europeans and Americans to talk to until it "recognizes Israel" and "renounces violence." Why were such conditions never imposed on Israel? How is it that a proud, boastful ethnic cleanser like Ze'evi could sit in the Israeli cabinet with Ariel Sharon and Nobel Prize winner Shimon Peres for years and not one of those Western officials who today threaten the Palestinians with starvation for electing Hamas uttered one single word? Why is it acceptable for the US Congress to hand over billions of dollars to an Israel whose government ministers order extrajudicial executions on a daily basis, and in the case of Ze'evi and other former ministers like Benny Elon, his successor, advocate genocidal policies? How is it that instead of demanding the arrest of the murders of Abu Ali Mustafa and thousands of other Palestinians, Britain and the US collude with Israel to commit new crimes? I have no doubt that the Israeli attack was carried out with the full prior knowledge of and collusion with British and American authorities.

While there is silence about the attacks in Jericho, there is also silence and inaction as Israel announced that Ariel, a huge colony in the heart of the West Bank, is to be annexed, and Israel began building a new occupation forces "police station" east of Jerusalem, the first step in massively expanding the settlement of Ma'ale Adumim.

Israel, as we have seen once again, is a rogue state which acts not only with impunity but with the active support of western powers who promise to starve its victims while quaking in fear at uttering a single word of criticism. The only path for those who reject violence is to work to comprehensively isolate this wild regime as the South African apartheid regime was in its time isolated.
Selvfølgelig er det helt uacceptabelt at tage helt udenforstående vesterlændinge som gidsler. Mindst lige så uacceptabelt som det er for israelerne at udsætte udenforstående palæstinensiske fanger for livsfare. Men burde vore medier ikke have gjort lidt mere ud af at fortælle os, at den "turistminister", hvis mordere Israel har så travlt med selv at fange og straffe, reelt var Israels svar på Slobodan Milosevic eller Radovan Karadzic?