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28. Jun 2006

Forces of Mordor enter Gaza: Besættelsesmagten plyndrer sin baghave

My occupied territory minder om, at den meget opreklamerede israelske "tilbagetrækning" fra Gaza på ingen måde betyder, at den militære besættelse af området er ophævet:
For any individual out there who thought the Gaza "disengagement" plan meant any inkling of freedom for Gazans, please think again. The occupation of Gaza is alive and well. When Israel is allowed to run its tanks in and out of Gaza whenever it wants, begins shelling power plants, destroying bridges, and targeting civilians, how are we supposed to believe that Gaza was given any independence in the first place?! Not that I fell for the "disengagement" joke, but sometimes I try to play devil's advocate with myself in favor of the IOF line, and I'm consistently unconvinced.

Over the past few hours, Israeli tanks, F-16, and Apachi helicopters began an expected assault on the 1.4 million residents of the Gaza Strip after an Israeli soldier was taken prisoner by Palestinian fighters on Sunday. Aljazeera is reporting that the IOF has called the operation "Summer Showers".
Black Iris of Jordan skriver, under overskriften The Forces Of Mordor Enter Gaza:
…searching for the ring (in a haystack)…well at least the “plunged into darkness” is accurate
Much of the northern Gaza Strip was plunged into darkness after Israeli war planes hit a power station, two bridges and a road in a series of night-time raids.

Flames poured into the night sky from the power plant in central Gaza and the sound of shelling could be heard in the southern city of Rafah as combat helicopters flew above.

“We are using all forces that we can by land and by air in order to get him home,” Israeli army spokeswoman Noa Meir said of the kidnapped soldier, 19-year-old Gilad Shilat. [source]
Power plant attack knocks out power in Gaza…
Although I’m against this whole hostage situation to begin with (for the simple reason that it would lead to what is happening right now) but it’s telling that Israel is unwilling to seek an exchange. There’s the whole “we dont negotiate with terrorists, we just carpet bomb their cities” but these guys (as naive as they were to take a hostage) are requesting the release of women and children from Israeli jails, which is something someone some where should pay a just a little attention to.

Since the second intifada began in 2000 about 600 minors are thrown in Israeli jails. It’s known as the ‘throw a rock get a jail cell’ policy, which has worked pretty well in Israel’s favor. Sometimes they arrest their development long before actual childhood (careful this link contains images not suitable for minors) ...
Sugar Cubes gør opmærksom på, at israelerne naturligvis - havde jeg nær sagt - har tænkt sig at lukke for både vand- og elektricitetsforsyningen i Gaza.

Ja, hvorfor ikke? Det var vel heller ikke andet end rimeligt, om nogen afbrød el- og vandforsyning i Jerusalem og Tel Aviv for at lægge pres på Israel for at frigive de over 300 palæstinensiske børn, de selv har kidnappet - eller var det?