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30. Jul 2005

Forenede hyklere rykker ud


Som vi tidligere har været inde på, indeholder megablockbusterspillet GTA San Andreas nogle enkelte sexscener, som er gået hen og blevet ganske kontroversielle; forenede politiske hyklere med bl.a. Hillary Clinton i spidsen har nu rejst det som en megastor sag, at dette ekstremt voldelige (og fornøjelige) spil, hvor man bl.a. samler point ved at røve og gennemtæve fredelige forbipasserende, også indeholder oralsex - for sådan noget interesserer folk sig jo ikke for i virkeligheden, gør de vel, Hillary?

Bistroisten bringer et link til den gældende kommentar i SF Gate:
Suddenly that downloadable patch you installed last night kicks in and there's, like, a lame and badly animated sex scene, right there, right between the graphic bloody part where you bazooka'd the police helicopter and the part where the gang-banger gets his lame ass beaten with a large handgun, and suddenly you're like, what the hell? Who stuck this lame badly animated sex in here? Where'd my soul-numbing ultraviolent racism go? I am outraged.

You are outraged. You are livid. You immediately show this lame and badly animated sex scene to your slightly catatonic mom who takes one look and nothing registers for a minute and she just sort of stares at you as if to say, yes, what? At which point you point out that it's, like, badly animated soft-core porn! In your favoritest violent video game, fer chrissakes! And she says oh. Oh!
Meanwhile, just down America's street, countless thousands of young U.S. soldiers are hobbling home from Iraq and Afghanistan, wounded and disabled and limbless and traumatized to the bone, eyes deadened to the world and permanently scarred to their cores and in interviews and documentaries and various news stories you often hear many of them say this one weirdly similar thing.

They say, wow man, yeah, it sure was amazing over there, totally surreal, killin' all those people with rapid-fire machine guns and firing rounds of mortar shells into buildings that might've been, for all we knew, hospitals or schools, and using night-vision goggles to invade decimated towns to hunt down crazed guerrillas and riding in those tanks and blowing the crap out of those Iraqi villages and hearing those women scream and watching those bodies burn.
Så, med bistroistens ord: go read!