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04. Sep 2006

Gaza: Genbesat og ødelagt

Nu brokkede jeg mig selv tidligere på dagen over, at denne konflikt kan synes overrapporteret, og straks kaster jeg mig selv ud i ikke mindre end to indlæg om netop dette. Oh, well.

Hvis israelerne ikke føler, de kan stole på Olmert (og det i en grad, så de faktisk foretrækker Nasrallah som pålidelig kilde til slagets gang) så håber jeg, de i stedet vil stole på og lytte til Gideon Levy.

Baggrunden: Gaza. Kan du huske Gaza, hvor Israel kastede sig ud i omfattende operationer og terror mod civilbefolkningen, fordi en israelsk soldat var blevet kidnappet?

Vel, operationerne og terroren fortsatte også efter invasionen af Libanon - vi hørte bare ikke mere om det.

Gideon Levy skriver herom i Ha'aretz:
Gaza has been reoccupied. The world must know this and Israelis must know it, too. It is in its worst condition, ever. Since the abduction of Gilad Shalit, and more so since the outbreak of the Lebanon war, the Israel Defense Forces has been rampaging through Gaza - there's no other word to describe it - killing and demolishing, bombing and shelling, indiscriminately.

Nobody thinks about setting up a commission of inquiry; the issue isn't even on the agenda. Nobody asks why it is being done and who decided to do it. But under the cover of the darkness of the Lebanon war, the IDF returned to its old practices in Gaza as if there had been no disengagement. So it must be said forthrightly, the disengagement is dead. Aside from the settlements that remain piles of rubble, nothing is left of the disengagement and its promises. How contemptible all the sublime and nonsensical talk about "the end of the occupation" and "partitioning the land" now appears. Gaza is occupied, and with greater brutality than before. The fact that it is more convenient for the occupier to control it from outside has nothing to do with the intolerable living conditions of the occupied.

In large parts of Gaza nowadays, there is no electricity. Israel bombed the only power station in Gaza, and more than half the electricity supply will be cut off for at least another year. There's hardly any water. Since there is no electricity, supplying homes with water is nearly impossible. Gaza is filthier and smellier than ever: Because of the embargo Israel and the world have imposed on the elected authority, no salaries are being paid and the street cleaners have been on strike for the past few weeks. Piles of garbage and obnoxious clouds of stink strangle the coastal strip, turning it into Calcutta.

More than ever, Gaza is also like a prison. (...) One must see the scenes at Rafah to understand how profound a human tragedy is taking place. A crossing that was not supposed to have an Israeli presence continues to be Israel's means to pressure 1.5 million inhabitants. This is disgraceful and shocking collective punishment. The U.S. and Europe, whose police are at the Rafah crossing, also bear responsibility for the situation.

Gaza is also poorer and hungrier than ever before. There is nearly no merchandise moving in and out, fishing is banned, the tens of thousands of PA workers receive no salaries, and the possibility of working in Israel is out of the question.
Men nu kan det da heller ikke blive værre, vel? Jeg mener - palæstinenserne i Gaza lever dog i det mindste i relativ sikkerhed, under israelsk beskyttelse?

Vel, Levy fortsætter: "And we still haven't mentioned the death, destruction and horror. In the last two months, Israel killed 224 Palestinians, 62 of them children and 25 of them women. It bombed and assassinated, destroyed and shelled, and no one stopped it ...."

Go read - artiklen er vel værd at læse i sin helhed, især for den, der gerne vil forstå, hvor den egentlige trussel mod Israels eksistens i dag kommer fra.