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24. Oct 2006

George Bushs gave til irakerne: Død, ødelæggelse, usikkerhed - og tvungen prostitution

Irakiske kvinder, der søger tilflugt fra den umulige situation i landet som fulgt i kølvandet på den amerikanske invasion og besættelse bliver i stigende omfang ofre for trafficking og tvunget ud i prostitution, som vi læser i dagens Guardian:
Um Ahmad, as she was known to the girls, had it all planned out. From Baghdad to the border and on to Damascus and a new life, Mona and her three Iraqi friends didn't need to worry about a thing.

The job in the textiles factory outside the Syrian capital would pay $300 (£160) a month, travel for the long journey was already arranged, a place for the girls to stay was ready and waiting and - best of all - Um Ahmad would pay Mona's father one month's salary in advance.

For the 26-year-old eldest daughter of eight children whose parents faced a daily despair of car bombs and poverty in their Baghdad slum, the offer sounded too good to be true.

It was.

Within a week of arriving in Damascus, Mona - whose name has been changed to protect her identity - had been plied with alcohol by Um Ahmad, required to dance for "friends of the factory owner" and had lost her virginity.

Unable to return to her family due to the perceived shame she had brought upon them, Mona began her new life in Syria as a prostitute working for Um Ahmad, dancing in bars outside Damascus and having sex with clients ...
for another 17-year-old from the Shia holy city of Najaf in southern Iraq, an evening's work in an adult bar outside Damascus still brings her shame. But it is the only income her family has.

"No one in my family can shout at me, even though they know what I do, because I am the only one working," said the girl, who has changed her name to Ayman since arriving in Syria in June 2003 and who earns $60 a night dancing and sleeping with wealthy Syrians and Arabs from the Gulf.

"I drink a lot of wine before I have sex with the men. Sometimes I hate myself for doing this job, especially when men ask me to do unusual things to make them happy," said Ayman. "I want to be married to a good husband and to have a family of my own, but the war forced me to come to Syria. I keep thinking I should just run away to start a new life in Europe, or maybe even America."
Værd at tænke på, næste gang vi hører Fogh eller andre politikere tale om Iraks "befrielse" og al den "gavn", vore soldater gør dernede som gidsler og staffage for den amerikanske og britiske besættelsesmagt. Værd at tænke på, hvem det egentlig er, man har befriet, og hvad denne befrielse egentlig har bragt civilbefolkningen af "velsignelser", mener jeg ...

Link til The Guardians artikel om det stigende problem med trafficking af irakiske kvinder.