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13. Mar 2005

Husbesættelser og direkte aktion

virker lidt bedaget, som noget man gjorde i 80erne, og som nu er faldet helt ud af billedet af en stadigt mere velfriseret og initiativløs venstrefløj?

Ikke i Frankrig:
In recent years, France has seen the development of many independent political squats, where are being led alternative collective life experiments and public political activities of various sorts. These spots usually host anti-capitalist and pro-anarchist actions and events, "free-zones" where goods and material are exchanged, squatted vegetable plots, hacklabs. These are places where alternative hardware and software is developed, information, books and brochures printed and brought out within "infokiosques", where people work on alternative medicine, recycling, bicycles, mechanics, wood and metal craft, silkscreening, DIY building, sunflower-oil recycling for vehicles, organic seeds exchange, groups for feminist, queer or transgender thoughts and action, "food not bombs" street meals, free vegan restaurants, bars, concerts, film-projections and theatre performances.

The "400 Couverts" is one of these projects. Little street located in Grenoble's city centre, squatted for over 3 years, the 400 Couverts houses 20 inhabitants and hosts a public space, filled with activities. The local "Socialist Party" council, owner of the place, intends to evict and raze the 400 Couverts alley. A local campaign to prevent the eviction has been launched, soon to be broadened with a day of decentralised solidarity actions elsewhere.
Måtte det lykkes at holde liv i dette og andre tilsvarende initiativer!