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15. Jul 2006

Hvorfor har Israel altid ret

... og hvorfor er en israelsk soldat "bortført", mens palæstinensiske ministre bliver "arresteret"?

Sådan spørger Haitham Sabbah i hvert fald, der hæfter sig ved især de amerikanske mediers galopperende dobbeltmoral:
By not challenging the Israeli narrative in any meaningful way, and dumping it on hapless viewers all around the world, the uncritical media has become a tool in the hands of Israel’s war strategists and their eternal concoctions. Consider this for example, an Israeli military commander tells a BBC correspondent dispatched to the border area between Israel and Gaza, that Israel intends on opening the border for “as long as it takes” to offset the humanitarian crisis developing in Gaza. The Israeli Army representative in a barefaced lie declares that the border has always been open, despite the perpetual Palestinian threat on the state of Israel. The BBC correspondent thanks him sincerely and signs off. I, in turn, throw my remote control at the television.

Is it possible that the BBC and its mighty researchers are unaware of the fact that Gaza has been under a very strict military siege since Hamas’ democratic advent to power through the January 2006 elections? Could it be that the Western media has missed the dozens of shocking reports, including some by the World Bank, that have warned that the Israeli siege, which began months before the capture of Shalit, was soon to create chaos and panic among the already malnourished Palestinians in Gaza? Did they all miss statements by top Israeli officials, vowing to carry on with the siege until the ouster of Hamas?

Well, maybe. For someone who has spent many years in this business, I can testify that some reporters misrepresent facts out of ignorance, not by design. But if that indeed was the case, then how can one excuse the fact that the same media that coined the term “kidnapping” to describe the action of the Palestinian fighters who captured Shalit, refused to use the same association to describe the kidnapping of most of the elected Palestinian Cabinet, mostly academics with no affiliation to any militant wing of any sort. Israel’s military spokesman insisted that they are “all terrorists” and Israel, “like any democratic” country has the right to protect itself against terrorists. If they were indeed “terrorists” as Israel claims, why did Israel refrain from kidnapping them until Palestinian fighters embarrassed the mighty Israeli Army and captured their first prisoner of war in a long time, Shalit? Is “rounding up” Palestinian ministers and scores of legislators the same as having a solider captured in what has been for long a one-sided Israeli war ... ?
Den ellers ikke udpræget Israel-fjendtlige (den faktisk i langt højere grad Hamas- og Hizbollah-fjendtlige og mere USA-venlige end jeg selv bryder mig om) egyptiske sandabe når til den simple konklusion, at den israelske hær er idioter: Her har Hizbollah foræret dem den største chance for at få venner i regionen siden 1970 på et sølvfad, og i stedet skynder de sig hen og hoppe i det største (og blodigste) spinatbed, de kan finde:
Dear IDF,


When Hezbollah did what they did and kidnapped your soldiers, a golden opportunity presented itself to you of the kind that didn't present itself since Black September 1970, when You came to the aid of King Hussein when the syrians sent tanks into Jordan to help the PLO's attempted coup. They gave you a chance of making a friend out of Lebanon, and now you have fucked that up royally. Good Job.

Let me explain it to you: Lebanon has been occupied by Syria for the past, I dunno, 30 years, and haven't had a chance to actually get its shit together ever since, thanks to the flurry of assassinations that Syria carried out against their leaders. Hezbollah, who is founded and backed by Syria to fight you (because the Syrians are too much of pussies to fight their own battles), have been holding the entire country hostage with its weapons and refusal to disarm, following the orders of their syrian overlords. They have been picking on fights with you for the past 2 years to get you to retalliate and blow up against them the way you just did, because without you, they have abolsutely no purpose or excuse for existing.

Now, the lebanese have been wanting to disarm Hezbollah for a while now, but couldn't, because as much as they fear Hezbollah, they fear one thing even more: Another civil war. So they have been dying for a way to disarm Hezbollah, or at least weaken it, and hann't been able to. Nevermind that the Lebanese army is a joke, or that it is controlled by the President, who is also a syrian puppet. The March 14 forces, your best hope at peace, achieved nothing other than have a couple thousand hot lebanese girls to go out and protest. They needed a miracle to get rid or pressure hezbollah, and you could've provided it. Instead, you fucked everything up ...
Hvis man søger anderledes/alternative og ikke altid helt uvidende syn på den igangværende konfklikt, kan man kaste et blik på iToot - the Arab blog network som er en samling af de bedste engelsksprogede arabiske weblogs (plus en del arabisksprogede, men dem kan jeg ikke læse ...) - både fra ex-pats og indbyggere i regionen - inklusive øjenvidner i Gaza og Libanon.

Ingen anden garanti end, at almindelig kritisk sans bør medbringes og ingen bred enighed de enkelte blogs imellem, men ikke det dårligste sted at få et indtryk af, hvad der rører sig.